50 Names To Know

Gary Weisman

Owner, General Development Co.

Headquarters: Southfield

Years in commercial realestate: 33

Age: 62

Why he should be on your speed dial: Weisman is one of the top local developers, with one of his most significant projects locally being the Oakland Technology Park project in Auburn Hills in a joint venture with Farmington Hills-based Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions LLC. The project has more than 1,000 acres, including more than 200 formerly owned by Chrysler Corp., that has attracted $100 million in development from major corporate relocations and consolidations totaling more than 1 million square feet.

What’s your outlook for the next two years for the industry? “The continuation of strong auto sales and its trickle-down effect in housing, low unemployment, and consumer spending habits is my hopeful outlook.”

What is the most underappreciated building/project locally, and why? “Northland Mall. I see this project as immensely important to bridging the first ring of suburbs to the tremendous rebirth going on in the city of Detroit. Northland Mall’s redevelopment success could finally bring an end to the invisible Eight Mile Road demarcation line separating the city from the suburbs.

Favorite television show: ” ‘Bewitched’ from the 1960s with the original Darren (Dick York). I am a student of the older films; Turner Classic Movies is far and away my favorite TV channel.”

Token you use in Monopoly: “I do not play Monopoly. I have enough of that reality in my everyday life.”

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